• The village of Pietralba overlooks the Ostriconi Valley. A real gateway of Balagne, it is ideally situated for exploring both the interior of Corsica and the coast.
  • Pietralba is a community of 500 inhabitants and has a number of essential local services: grocery, bakery, butcher, pizzeria, bar, tearoom, post office and multimedia access point.
  • The 15 and 16 August are traditionally festivity days: the celebration of Holy Mary and Saint Roch the pattern saint of the village, gives rise to a week of seethe in the village.
  • The town has a rich religious heritage, architecture and agro-pastoral important: the sheep, and "paillers" rub areas alongside the Holy Mary chapel, St. Michel, St. Jean, St. Lucie and St. Roch's picturesque church.
  • The ruined village of "E Case Nove" Pietralba overhangs and nearby, the Lumisgiana castle still stands one of its walls.
  • Many fountains are scattered here and there in nature and little old bridges still exist to help you cross the Ostriconi creek.
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